Become a volunteer at Hope House!

Hope House relies on the teamwork of staff and volunteers to empower parenting teen moms as they work toward self-sufficiency.

Volunteers provide their talents, skills, and time to partner with Hope House in creating a safe, welcoming learning environment for teen moms and their children. Engaged volunteers provide varied perspectives and experiences and are passionate ambassadors for this cause.

Most importantly, by sharing a part of their lives, volunteers have a direct impact on the lives of teen moms and their kids. 

Volunteer Opportunities:

CHILDCARE: Provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children of Hope House teen moms while their moms attend classes.

EVENT SUPPORT: Help with Hope House fundraisers and other special events.

OFFER A PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: Provide a free service for teen moms and their kids, such as medical, dental, vision, hair care, and more!

SHARE THE MISSION OF HOPE HOUSE: Your friends, families, and other connections may be looking for an organization where they can become involved. If you feel led to do so, share with them your connection with Hope House and involvement in the mission to empower northern Colorado teen moms and their little ones.