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What's happening at Hope House!

Check out our what's going on for teen moms! Find a class or activity that you're interested in and then click on the corresponding item below for details or to RSVP.

Ready to become a graduate?
Great! Below are the requirements:

Required Core Areas:
Complete all items below

  1. Intake
    within one month of orientation
  2. Parenting Questionnaire
    within one month of orientation
  3. Pairin Meeting
  4. GED, HiSet or H.S. Diploma
  5. College Consultation
  6. Financial Literacy
  7. Parenting 101
  8. Story of Hope
  9. Job Upgrade
  10. Career Development Class
  11. Child enrolled in childcare/school
  12. Further Education Certification
    or Full-Time Job earning a sustainable wage
  13. Giving Back
    Help out at a HH fundraiser or attend a giving back outing


Education/Career Electives

  1. College Campus Tours
  2. Cool Careers
  3. Career/Job Fair
  4. Business Tour

Parenting Electives

  1. Parenting 200 Level Class
    Age Specific
  2. Families Class

Healthy Relationships Electives

  1. Grief Group
  2. Addictions Workshop
  3. Sex Education Series
  4. Self-care Series


  1. Table Talk
  2. Faith 101 class
  3. Young Lives
  4. Moms Night or Lunch Bunch   

Community Program Graduation:

The Community Program Graduation is a dressy event where staff gets to celebrate all of your hard work! It’s an evening all about YOU! A limousine will provide transportation. Mocktails, appetizers, dinner and dessert will be served, and you will be celebrated!

How do you become a Community Program graduate? See the requirements above!

Course Catalog:

Study 1-on-1 with a tutor to prepare for your high school equivalency exams.  We offer preparation for both the GED and HiSet tests.  GED classes are offered Monday through Friday.  You must attend class at least two times per week.  Once you complete all your high school equivalency tests with passing scores, you are eligible to walk in our GED Graduation! There are 2-3 GED graduations each year, depending on the number of graduates.

Parenting Lectures

Lunch Bunch               Staff or guest speaker presents a parenting topic for discussion twice a month.  Lunch and childcare provided.  Open to all moms in Hope House.

Required Class

Parenting 101          Required 4-week parenting class that uses the Nurturing Parenting curriculum.  Must attend all four classes and finish assessments in order to complete the class.  Must complete class to be eligible to walk at GED graduation and to take upper level parenting classes.

 Age Specific Classes

Parenting 200
Pregnancy – Expectant Moms.   Focus will be on prenatal health, development, delivery choices, and family planning.  Offered 1-2 times per year.

Parenting 201
Infants – Newborn to 11 months.  Focuses on brain development, calming a crying baby, pregnancy related depression, feeding and milestones.  Includes lesson on infant massage and interactive time between mom and child.   Offered 2 times per year.

Parenting 202
Toddlers – 11 months to 3 years.  Focuses on development, understanding behavior, language, common frustrations, and the importance of music and play.   Includes interactive music time with mom and child.  Offered 2 times per year.

Parenting 203
Preschoolers – 3 to 4 years.  Focuses on development, common behavior, school readiness, and nutrition.   Includes healthy snacks and interactive time with children.  Offered 2 times per year.

Parenting 205
School Age Child – 5 years and older.  Focuses on development, behavioral concerns, common frustrations, choosing a school and extracurricular activities.  Offered 1 -2 times per year.

 Couples and Family Focused Classes

Parenting 300
Couples Parenting. Three-week parenting class for parents who have been in a committed relationship for at least one year.  Topics discussed will include relationships, discipline, agreeing on family structure, and finding support.

Pre-requisites: Parenting 101, Story of Hope and meeting with Program Director.  Background check must be completed.

Parenting 305
Blended Families. 
Class for moms who are co-parenting with someone other than the father of their child.  Blended families could include step-children and half-siblings.  Topics discussed will include relationships, discipline, agreeing on family structure, custody agreements and finding support.

Pre-requisites: Parenting 101, Story of Hope and meeting with Community Program Manager.  Background check must be completed.  

Parenting 310
Single Moms. 
Class for moms who are providing care for their child without help from the other parent.  Focus will be on stress management, creating routines, finding support, and creating healthy roles within the family.

Pre-requisites: Parenting 101 and Story of Hope. 

 Psychology of Parenting

Parenting 405
Healthy Boundaries. 
Building on information from Parenting 101, we will take a closer look at how boundaries affect the development of a child and future relationships.  We will discuss expectations we have for our own children and how to achieve those, while being aware of weak boundaries within our family of origin.

Pre-requisites: Parenting 101 and Story of Hope.

Parenting 410
Discipline Philosophies. 
Discussion on different parenting approaches and how to find what works best for each individual mom.  Love & Logic, Common Sense Parenting, Positive Discipline & other approaches will be discussed.

Pre-requisite: Parenting 101

Parenting 415
Parenting More than One Child. 
Class for moms with more than one child.  Topics include sibling rivalry, creating routines, adjusting to new roles, self-awareness and family planning.

Pre-requisite: Parenting 101

Parenting 420
Personalities in Parenting. 
Class that looks at personality types based on the Myers-Briggs personality assessment.  Each participant will complete an assessment and then discuss the strengths and weaknesses in terms of parenting.  We will also look at how important it is to be aware of a child’s personality type.

Pre-requisite: Parenting 101

Healthy Relationship Lectures

Lunch Bunch     Staff or guest speaker presents a relationship topic for discussion twice a month.  Lunch and childcare provided.  Open to all moms in Hope House.

Healthy Relationships Courses

HRP 101 Story of Hope     4-week healthy relationships class that goes through the interactive book “Story of Hope.” Hope House hoodie received upon completion of class. Must complete class in order to take upper level parenting classes. This class is offered three times a year. Morning and evening classes offered.

HRP 200 Addictions Workshop Workshop geared towards learning and understanding the dynamics of addiction and how we can help loved ones who struggle with it. We will address questions such as: What is an addiction? Is it a character flaw, disease, or something else? Why don’t people with addictions simply stop using? How can I help someone I love with their addiction? Want to learn more about addictions? Must commit to all sessions.

HRP 201 Sex Series 4-part series designed to discuss the fact that both what you learned about sex growing up as well as your early sexual encounters will affect relationships today. Discussions on how to talk about sex to your children, what your beliefs are about sex, and how to have healthy sexual boundaries are included. Must attend all sessions. Offered throughout the year, morning and evening.

HRP Grief Group Counseling group designed to support people struggling with grief and loss in their life. This will be a closed and confidential group. Class offered as needed during the year.           

C&C 101
College and Career Consultation
Offered three days a week. Day and evening times available.

Come and meet with the College and Career Coordinator to discuss your ideas of college and beyond.  During this time, you will take the Pairin assessment and research colleges and programs that might interest you.  You will also fill out your FAFSA (Pell Grant), COF and online applications to the college(s) of choice.  If college is not for you right now, then you can discuss the next steps of how to become a part of our Career Partner Program or ways to work on job preparedness.                        

C&C 300
Financial Literacy
Offered three times a year. Day and Evening times available.

Financial Literacy is for everyone.  Come and learn all the things you didn’t know you needed to know about money.  You will learn about banks, checking and savings accounts, credit, identity theft, how to save money and learn ways to pay off debt and create a budget.

C&C 200
College Campus Tours
Offered 4 times a year OR on an as needed basis.

This is a great way for you to see individual college campuses.  You will get an in depth look at what the college offers for programs AND see if the campus is a fit for you and all of your educational needs.

Pre-requisite: C&C 101

C&C 400
Cool Careers
Offered once a month.

Have you ever wondered what types of careers out there are an option for you?  Whether you have a job already or you are just getting ready to start one, this is a class for you.  Each class offers new and interesting career choices. Professional women share their stories and help you find your way into the career you never knew you always wanted!

C&C 410
Career Fair
Offered monthly. More when available.

Attend a Career or Job Fair! Career/Job Fairs are posted by the College and Career Coordinator monthly, sometimes more.  Keep your eyes out for postings so that you can get the job you need to help you reach your goals towards self-sufficiency.

C&C 420
Career Development Class.
Offered 4 times a year. Day and Evening available.

Join the College and Career Coordinator and a Hope House Volunteer to learn about Microsoft Office; Basics, Word and Excel.  Other class opportunities are: job search strategies, effective cover letters, resume building and rock that interview.

C&C 430
Job Upgrade
Offered 4 times a year. Days and Evenings available

Do you want to know the ways to get that job you’ve always wanted?  Do you have a job and want to know how to keep that job, move up the “ladder” and the best way to get a raise?  Then this class is for you!  Come and learn all the many cool inside secrets we have to share!

Moms Night: This is a time to just come and hang out with other Hope House teen moms. Moms Night happens every other week and is a great excuse to relax, get to know each other, eat a delicious meal, go through in-kind, and build community by doing life together.

Faith 101: Have you ever wondered what being a “follower of Christ” really means? Is church really that scary? What are the differences between all these religions you hear about? What is “faith”? Come to this interactive class and learn the easy stuff about God and religion and what it all has to do with you and YOUR life.

Table Talk: This is a class that’s offered twice a month for our teen moms who want to dig deeper into their faith. During Table Talk, we go over a devotional on nurturing parenting and how we can raise our kids to the very best of our ability while living in such a crazy world. This is a great way to get to know other teen moms and to learn more about the Bible and how it can be our road map to parenting.

Giving Back: We offer a community service night four times a year to allow our teen moms a chance to give back. The opportunities range anywhere from filling bags for the Sparrow Project to helping at events in our community or Hope House happenings.

Human Service Needs – Food Assistance, Medicaid, Cash Assistance Programs (TANF), Child Care Programs (CCAP), Colorado PEAK Accounts.

Legal Resource – Establishment of and guidance through Parenting Orders.

Child Support Services – New applicant or existing.

Housing – Referrals.

Vital Records/Important Documents – Social Security Cards and Birth Certificates.

Clothing – Vouchers and Referrals to A Precious Child.

Earn your Christmas Points!
Here’s how…

Economic Advocacy:

  • Car Pooling: 5 Points
  • Complete Your Needs Assessment: 20 Points
  • Goal Planning Meetings: 20 Points 
  • Budget Meeting with Hope House: 20 Points 
  • Obtain Your Driver’s License: 25 Points
  • Holding the Same Job for 3(+) Months: 50 Points

Personal Advocacy:

  • Complete Orientation: 10 Points 
  • Attendance at Other Classes : 1 Point
    Moms Night, Lunch Bunch, etc.
  • Complete a Pairin Meeting: 20 Points
  • Complete a Parenting Questionnaire: 20 Points
  • Referring a New Teen Mom to Hope House: 10 Points
  • Giving Back Activities/Supporting Hope House: 25 Points
    Attending the 5k, Speaking at an Event, etc.


  • Attendance at Educational Classes: 3 Points
    GED, College AND Career, Parenting, Story of Hope, etc.
  • Completing a Class Series: 25 Points
    Parenting 101, Story of Hope, Job Upgrade, Sex Series,etc.
  • Walk in GED Graduation: 25 Points
  • Completing a Semester of College (with C’s or Above): 50 Points
  • Complete Education Certification: 60 Points

Early Learning:

  • Attending an Early Learning Program Event: 10 Points
    Facility Tour, Field Trips, Mommy and Me Class, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Child Find Class
  • Enroll your child(res) in a Licensed Childcare Setting: 25 Points



*You will lose 5 points for every class or meeting you sign up for and miss!
Earn points all year long to use at our Christmas Shop in December!